Features that will blow you away

Out of the box, our software is packed with features that will kick your business into next level. On top of that, we can build fully personalised functions that allow your company to run all its operations in one powerful tool.

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Get closer to your customers

Centralise and easily track communication with your customers

Email sync & tracking

Stay on top of every interaction by syncing your emails with Swiftio. When it matches a customer, it is automatically linked to it and you can easily reply with the correct information.

Answer faster using AI

Save valuable time with our AI assistant, which effortlessly generates email replies with the right customer information, so you can focus on what really matters

Activity management

Record all activity such as conversations, appointments, notes and more, so you're always on top of the latest communications and don't miss any deals.

Boost your work efficiency

Centralise and easily manage all your tasks, appointments and documents

Boosts efficiency with tasks

Always have an overview of what needs to be done. Swiftio improves efficiency, promotes collaboration and ensures no task is overlooked.

Never miss an appointment

Know exactly when and where to be every day and never miss another appointment. See easily on the map where your appointments are that day, then you will never be faced with surprises.

Retrieve all your documents

With Swiftio you can upload all your documents and link them to any desired object. This makes all your documents immediately findable for everyone in your team or company.

Streamline your processes

From quotation to order and installation in a few clicks.

Quotes that impress

Showcase your products in a beautiful catalog and boost your sales with fully customised quotations that are clear and attractive.

Streamlined order process

Automatically convert your quotations into orders and easily follow up your order process. We help you streamline this process by setting up automations where possible.

Easily track installations

Thanks to our flexible tool, you can provide the installer with all the information he needs to carry out the installation correctly. This way you avoid mistakes and you don't waste time.

Manage your inventory better

Always guarantee sufficient stock and minimise loss with effective inventory management.

Look into the future

Know at any time what is in your stock and what the expected stock will be, so you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Ongelimiteerde magazijnen

You can add as many warehouses as you want. Track your products for each warehouse and always have an overview of what is true.

Analyse and boost your sales

Get valuable information about your products and how well they are selling. Know for which products you need to continue or adjust your sales strategy.


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