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The Ultimate CRM for Insurance

Optimize Insurance Processes with Our Advanced Software Tool: Policy Management, Claim Files, Premium Calculation, and More!

Premium Calculations
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Fast and Seamless Policy Management

Managing policies, including setting up, changing and terminating policies.

Professional Claim Management

Manage claims files like a professional. Register, handle and follow up on claims for streamlined settlement. Your key to effective claims management.

Smart Premium Calculation

Calculate premiums effortlessly with our advanced tool. Adjust rates based on age, insurance type and coverage. Customized premiums for your customers.

Insightful Reporting

Generate clear reports on premium income, claim payments and your policyholder file. Gain insights that strengthen your company's performance.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

Manage customer data with finesse. Keep contact details, policy overviews and communication history clearly organized. Strengthen your customer relationships with our customer management system.

Optimal Mobility

Manage policies, handle claims and calculate premiums effortlessly, right from your mobile device. Work smarter, not harder - wherever you are.

Out of the box, our software comes with features that will accelerate your business.

Make connections that convert

Centralise and easily track communications with your customers

Efficient Relationship Management

Build strong relationships with customers and partners. Track communication history, schedule follow-ups, and personalize interactions to maximize customer satisfaction.

Email sync & tracking

Stay on top of every interaction by syncing your emails with Swiftio. If it matches a customer, it is automatically linked to it and you can easily respond with the correct information.

Answer using AI

Save valuable time with our AI assistant, which effortlessly generates email responses with the right customer information, so you can focus on what really matters

Work smarter, not harder

Easily centralise and manage all your tasks, appointments and documents

Task management that boosts efficiency

Simplify your daily tasks with an intuitive user interface. Whether you're on the road or working in the office, our application provides easy access to important data.

Never miss an appointment

Know exactly when and where to be every day and never miss an appointment. Easily see on the map where your appointments are that day, so you will never be faced with any surprises.

Easily find all your documents

With Swiftio you can upload all your documents and link them to any object you want. This makes all your documents immediately findable for everyone within your team or company.

Why Swiftio?

Custom business software that makes you grow

Centralize all your data, communication and documents in one powerful tool. Automate your tasks and processes and boost your business to grow.

All-in-one tool

Fully customised to you

Swiftio fully adapts to your business model and workflows. Each screen can be fully adapted to your needs so that you have the right information at the right time. Together with you, our experts determine the optimal model and set everything up ready for use. Integrate with your current tools and manage everything from one convenient application.

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User-friendly and Mobile

Tools your employees will love

Our tool stands out with its modern design and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for your employees. It's not just fast; it's superfast, allowing efficient tasks even offline. The mobile-friendly nature ensures accessibility on the go. It's a tool that will genuinely delight your employees, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

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Work less, automate more

Answer emails with the help of AI, automate tasks and processes, never miss appointments or new leads thanks to our handy reminders. Letting Swiftio do the work saves you valuable time and money. Give your company the boost it needs to grow further.

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We Got Your back

Cloud sollution with Expert Support

We go beyond just providing a tool; we offer expert business knowledge tailored to enhance your operations. From the initial setup of our app to seamlessly adapting to evolving business needs, our support and consultancy services are top-notch. We're not just a solution; we're a partner invested in your success.

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